Psychology in Session

Clinical Psychology and Behavioural Sleep Services

Dr. Priya E. Maharaj PhD, CPsychol, CSci, FBPsS

Taking mental health seriously

It's time for mental health to be taken seriously.

It's time for psychology to be in session! There is no time like the present, we must all push for good mental health - for ourselves and for others. We are no longer in a position to turn a blind eye to good mental health.

Good mental health is not given the same level of importance as good physical health. We go for physical check-ups for ourselves or refer our loved ones, but mental health care generally receives less attention, or sometimes none at all.

If you place greater significance to physical health over mental health, this is not your fault - this is what we have been taught. There is still widespread misinformation about mental health that we must all work together to overcome if we want to achieve our fullest potentials. Good health must include mental health as an equal to physical health.

Each of us is responsible to learn more about the critical need for good mental health for ourselves, our loved ones, our families, our friends, our colleagues - for those who may understand mental health well and those who may not yet be there. This is all part of our journeys to optimal well-being.

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Psychological Therapy Services

Psychological therapies can be used as treatments for various kinds of mental distress. These can include mental disorders but more commonly, mental distress can be brought on by environmental factors (e.g. schools, workplaces, family conflicts etc.) and how our individual factors interact with those broader systems in our everyday lives.

About a century ago, psychological therapies used to be referred to as 'talk-therapy'. Over the years and in particular, over the last couple decades, psychological therapies have undergone the same scientific rigour as medical therapies for physical health. These clinical standards are science-based.

Check the Services section for more information psychological therapies.

Behavioural Sleep Services

Behavioural sleep is a branch of the discipline of sleep medicine. Sleep medicine should actually be called sleep science as it encompasses the study of sleep and treatment of sleep disturbances with and without medicines.

Typically, sleep problems are treated with medicine. This is not the only way to treat many sleep problems. Behavioural sleep services offer a different way to treat sleep disturbances via our cognitions, behaviours, conditioning and treating anxieties.

Generally, medications for common sleep disturbances, like insomnia and nightmares, are short-term and may not be appropriate for certain groups like adolescents or shift-workers. Behavioural sleep services are also useful to people who prefer non-pharmacological methods to resolving sleep disturbances that are likely to be long-lasting and sustainable.

Check out the Services page for more information on Behavioural Sleep Services and the Workshops page for details on sleep-related workshops.

Psychological & Psychometric Assessments

Psychological and/or psychometric assessments are standardized instruments (usually in questionnaire format) designed to assess specific and measurable psychological characteristics. Some common assessments include cognitive development, personality, depression, anxiety and others. These are sometimes requested by various institutions like schools, workplaces, courts, or sometimes just for personal knowledge.

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Don't neglect your mental health

Don't neglect the mental health of your loved ones

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